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The libretto of „Des Winters finsterer Gesell“ is ready for your download now.

2013-03-13 will be updated in the course of next weeks and months.


The new Angizia-album „Des Winters finsterer Gesell“ (CD/TS) can be ordered in Angizia’s online shop as of now.


On march 15th (20.00) Angizia offers an exclusive „Listening session“ in Vienna (ESCAPE, Neustiftgasse 116-118). To participate write to:


Angizia is working on a new album. Michael Haas is currently completing the plot of the 7th Angizia play, which temporarily will be entitled "Des Winters finsterer Gesell" (working title). Literarily "Des Winters finsterer Gesell" will be both affected by the force, vibrancy and atmosphere of a strong winter landscape in the Austrian alps and the impassionate poetry of nature, death and murder. Expect an equally poetic and cruel thriller plot, which will be base of ardent and Angizia typical compositions & illustrations now. First compositions of Emmerich Haimer are done.


The 6th Angizia-album "kokon. Ein schaurig-schönes Schachtelstück" will be released as monochrome digipack-version through Angizia's own label "Medium Theater" in february 2011. The mix sessions for "kokon" in the concrete studio of Mario Nentwich will be finished in November 2010. Angizia will offer a pre-order list for "kokon" soon. Beyond that Angizia plans a listening session of "kokon" on February 11th in Vienna (Escape).


Angizia is back. Michael Haas und Emmerich Haimer are busy to compose several tracks for a new and exciting Angizia album. Studio recordings will start in 2010.


Angizia is currently frozen, because of many different things, but in general familiar, economic and temporal reasons. Thus there won't be released a 6th Angizia play in the near future. Please note several interesting updates of soon.


In the section "press" you will find a red-hot Angizia-interview from Michael Haas with the jewish music journalist Nofar, who did a qualitative Angizia story for


James Slone's extensive Angizia-characteristic, namely "An appreciation of Angizia", has been released at He intensively focused all existing Angizia albums. Look up at (section "press")!


"Ein Toter fährt gern Ringelspiel"-reviews from Martin Kreischer and Manuela Wawrzyszko are online.


The 3rd Angizia album "Das Schachbrett des Trommelbuben Zacharias" will soon be released from the Mexican label Divenia Records especially for North-, Middle- and South America in a limited digibook edition.


Michael Haas' son Elias is born on a very sunny and glory day.


Angizia's "Der Essayist" is score of the short film "ITHAKI". The Turkish filmmaker Faysal Soysal completed his 2nd film and will present his work at several European "Short film festivals" even this year.


Angizia's 5th album "Ein Toter fährt gern Ringelspiel" will be sold out soon.


"Ein Toter fährt gern Ringelspiel", Michael Haas' morbid cemetary play and 5th Angizia album, is available now at